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DonnaWelcome to the “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-Course. I’m so pleased that you have taken the first step toward leveraging LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential to build your business or career. The Program consists of:

  • The LinkedIn Overview (2 Videos, 1 E-Book, and the LinkedIn Cheat Sheet)
  • Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile (4 Videos, an E-book, and 8 Sample Profiles)
  • Creating a Valuable Network (8 Videos and an E-Book)
  • Getting Recommendations that Make You Shine (2 Videos and an E-Book)
  • Joining LinkedIn Groups (2 Videos and an E-Book)


I encourage you to watch all of the videos and print out all of the E-Books. You can keep the E-Books handy so that when you are working on LinkedIn, you can reference them if you get stuck.

Also, the Get LinkedIn Now! “Cheat Sheet” is a great tool to keep close by. As you complete each section, your mastery of LinkedIn will grow.

Your Host, Donna Schilder, MCC Leadership & Career Coach



Click on the blue program buttons below the Main Navigation bar (indicated by the red arrows) to access the section of the Program you want to review (Overview, Profile, Network, Recommendations, Groups).

LinkedIn E-Course Program Buttons

When you get to the Program Page you have selected (either Overview, Profile, Network, Recommendations, or Groups), you will see one Video Player.  That Video Player will play all of the videos for that section.  Click on arrow at the center of the Video image to start the Video.

LinkedIn Program Video PlayerUse the scroll bar at the right to scroll down to the other videos.  To start the second video, move to where the second video shows in the Navigation Bar, click on the second video thumbnail, then click on the arrow in the center of the large video image.

To start any of the other videos in this series, use the scroll bar (indicated by the green arrow above) to move to the desired video, click on the video to select it, then click on the arrow in the center of the large video image at the left.

Another feature of this Video Player is the “More” button (indicated by the purple arrow above), which allows you to see a fuller description of the Video.  To get back to the list of videos so that you can select a video to view, click on the close box to close the description, and return to the list of videos.


If you navigate away from the Customer Video pages to the blog or Free Tools, you will no longer see the Program buttons below the Main Navigation bar.  To get back to the Video Pages, click on the turquoise Videos button (indicated by the red arrow below) to return to the Videos pages.


Training Videos Button


If you log out of the Get LinkedIn Now! website, you will need to log back in using the User Name and Password you chose when you purchased the program.  Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right of the website (indicated by the read arrow in image below).


Get LinkedIn Now! Sign In Button


Then fill in your Username and Password and click on Log In (indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below).

Get LinkedIn Now! Log In Screen

After you press the Log In button, you will be taken back to the Videos page.  Or, if you are taken to the home page, click on the Videos page at the top left.


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