How to Access Your Recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations are a great way to help you build your brand, network, and reputation. With the implementation of LinkedIn’s new navigation bar, accessing your Recommendations has changed. Follow the new steps below to access your Recommendations:

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What’s So Great About LinkedIn Endorsements?

From the get go, LinkedIn Endorsements have been a topic of scrutiny. Some people love them, some people hate them. Now that the feature has a few months under its belt, it’s time to see what it’s accomplished. Here’s what LinkedIn has found*:

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7 Ways to Cure Your LinkedIn Endorsement Envy

The flu isn’t the only thing going around this winter. As LinkedIn Endorsements grow more and more popular, so is a little symptom I like to call, “Endorsement Envy.” Endorsement Envy is an ailment that occurs when you become jealous of a Connection’s number of LinkedIn Endorsements. Side effects may include feelings of wistfulness, a jealous gleam of the eye (particularly when viewing a Connection’s Profile), and a general feeling of hopelessness in regards to your own LinkedIn Profile. The good news is, Endorsement Envy is completely curable! The treatment?

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A LinkedIn Benefit You May Not Have Considered: The Ability to Research Referrals Before You Give Them

As a Coach, one of the added values that I give to my clients is referrals to other high-quality business professionals and service providers. In addition, one of the ways I support my relationship building efforts with my business network is by providing business referrals.

But I am very careful about the referrals I give because a bad referral could adversely impact my Personal Brand.

I use LinkedIn to give referrals in two ways:

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LinkedIn Endorsements

Presidential candidates aren’t the only ones asking for your endorsement this November. This election season, LinkedIn has launched an Endorsement feature, a nonpartisan way to express your support for one of your Connection’s skills or expertise.

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LinkedIn Recommendations for All Positions

Have you gotten LinkedIn™ Recommendations for each of your positions yet?  To strengthen your credibility as a Job Candidate or service provider you will want to obtain Recommendations for each position you have held, not just your latest position. Having LinkedIn Recommendation for each position shows that you have consistently been a good employee or…

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