Finding Former Colleagues on LinkedIn

If you’re like me, you probably wish that LinkedIn had been around when you started your career. Think about how many Connections you’d have by now! Thousands at least! (Yes, I realize that I’m dating myself a bit here!).

One reason I wish I’d had LinkedIn a long time ago is because

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5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Market Their Firms Using LinkedIn

Today’s blog is a guest blog written by my colleague and friend Suzanne Muusers, Financial Advisor Coach: LinkedIn® is a great tool for entrepreneurial financial advisors to gain more exposure and grow their firms by attracting new prospects and clients who are looking for their services.  Yet most advisors do not leverage their LinkedIn account…

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LinkedIn Endorsement Day

LinkedIn dubbed November 27 “LinkedIn Endorsement Day.”

And never one to sit-out on a holiday, I decided to wholeheartedly support the cause. After about 2 hours of tireless Endorsing, I realized that I was merely halfway through my large list of Connections. And I was in desperate need of a snack-break.

Thus, my eyes weary and heart heavy from “selective” Endorsing, I stood up from my chair and proudly proclaimed the holiday, “LinkedIn Endorsement Week.”

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A LinkedIn Benefit You May Not Have Considered: The Ability to Research Referrals Before You Give Them

As a Coach, one of the added values that I give to my clients is referrals to other high-quality business professionals and service providers. In addition, one of the ways I support my relationship building efforts with my business network is by providing business referrals.

But I am very careful about the referrals I give because a bad referral could adversely impact my Personal Brand.

I use LinkedIn to give referrals in two ways:

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LinkedIn Endorsements

Presidential candidates aren’t the only ones asking for your endorsement this November. This election season, LinkedIn has launched an Endorsement feature, a nonpartisan way to express your support for one of your Connection’s skills or expertise.

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5 Reasons to Send “Link Requests” to Your New Colleagues at Your New Job

* Celebrate!
* Go on a shopping spree.
* Decorate your new office
* Update your LinkedIn Profile

These are a few things you’d do if you got a new job.

So what’s missing from the list?

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LinkedIn Myth #2: Because I have 1000 Connections on LinkedIn, career and business opportunities will just come to me.

The old business success adage: “it’s all about who you know,” could lead you to think that the more Connections you have on LinkedIn – the more success you’ll have. But it’s not true for 2 reasons:

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Build your LinkedIn Network for a Rainy Day

In looking back at my previous blog posts, I realized that many of them focus on why it is so important for job seekers to build their LinkedIn Networks. While an abundance of quality LinkedIn Connections can help any job seeker, I want to emphasize that it is equally as important for everyone to build their LinkedIn Networks, employed or otherwise.

To put it bluntly, you may have a job now, but the honest truth is that you never know when you might lose it. The same goes for those who might one day feel they need to make a career change. The more work you put into your network now, the easier it will be later to find your dream job.

Here’s why:

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How to Be the Life of the LinkedIn Party

In addition to posting Status Updates, another great way to boost your LinkedIn activity is to post an event. Remember: being active on LinkedIn means higher visibility, increased credibility, and it also moves you up in the LinkedIn “People” Searches.

Now, before I go any further, allow me to clarify: LinkedIn events are professional activities, e.g., professional development seminars, networking events, conferences, Telecalls.

LinkedIn events are not mass invites to your Bachelorette Weekend Extravaganza or 4th Annual 30th Birthday Bash. So, if you have an event that you, your company, or your professional organization are putting on, here’s how to post to the Events section of LinkedIn:

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Use LinkedIn Status Updates to Stay Top of Mind

Every morning, I check my Twitter and see quite a few things I could have done without. I am especially peeved by Tweets along the lines of “I’m #hungry.” Not only could I care less, but it seems like such an odd and irrelevant thing to announce to the world (let alone hashtag). While I could go on for hours about these silly little Tweets, I’ll let it slide because, hey, it’s Twitter. At least people aren’t rambling on about irrelevant personal nonsense in their LinkedIn Status Updates.

Or are they??

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