LinkedIn Success Stories

Does LinkedIn Really Work?

I recently realized – and it hurts to admit it – that some of my friends and colleagues are STILL LinkedIn skeptics. Sure, they have a LinkedIn Profile, but they don’t invest any time in it. They think, “I don’t need to build my LinkedIn network or update my Profile because I already have a job!” or “People don’t really get business from LinkedIn, so I don’t need build my LinkedIn Network.”

But I can reassure you and my colleagues and friends that people do get business from LinkedIn. In fact,

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Turn “Link Requests” Into Coaching Clients

Sara sends you a “Link Request.”

You don’t know Sara, so you look at her LinkedIn Profile to determine if she is a viable Coaching candidate. You review her occupation, profile details, and connections.

If she looks like a viable Coaching client, you write to her to ask for a “get to know you” phone call. (You don’t accept her “LinkedIn Request” until after the call. And to make it easy for her, you offer some dates and times you are available for the call).

Before the phone call,

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LinkedIn Success Story: Reconnecting After 14 Years Results in A Recommendation for a Job

Talk about the power of LinkedIn™!  My husband just got reconnected to someone who he had worked with 14 years ago and he was able to connect her to colleagues in two companies she was applying to for jobs.  His stellar recommendation of  her will weigh heavily with these colleagues, much heavier than a job…

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Get LinkedIn Video Training Program Doubles LinkedIn Profile Views

The “6 Weeks to More Success Through LinkedIn” Video E-course doubled Suzanne Muuser’s LinkedIn Profile views!!! You can see the results of Suzanne’s Implementation of our LinkedIn Training in her LinkedIn Profile Views Graph at the left!!! From one week to the next, her LinkedIn Profile views doubled. (You can access your own Profile Views Graph…

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LinkedIn Success Story: “Get to Know You Phone Call” Leads to Job Search Success

Sara requested a LinkedIn™ link from me about six months ago. I liked the look of her LinkedIn Profile, but since I didn’t know her, I wrote back and requested a “get to know you” phone call. She told me later that talking with a stranger on the phone was outside her comfort zone, but…

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Donna Schilder is a Leadership Coach, Career Coach, & Business Coach who provides a place for her clients to stand back, assess situations, reconnect to their goals, and choose the best approach to achieve business and personal success.