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Apply for Your Dream Job on LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn’s Mobile Job Application now allows you to both search and apply for jobs on the go.

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Introducing LinkedIn’s New Navigation Bar

If you are a LinkedIn user, the next time you log on you will notice a change in the site’s layout – a new Navigation bar. This new menu of tabs is designed for users to navigate the site in a simpler, easier, and engaging way. The navigation bar displays links that are of most value to users, providing a more focused experience. What has changed?

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College Students Looking for Their First Job Need to Use LinkedIn!

College students are not using LinkedIn to find Jobs the way they could. Only 46% of College students are on LinkedIn, and those who are, probably are not using it to its fullest capability.

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Where Did My LinkedIn Activity Go?

I’m having problems remembering my past. My LinkedIn past, that is.

I recently noticed that I am now restricted as to how far back I can look into my past LinkedIn Activity. With the old LinkedIn format, I could click on “Activity” from my Profile and see way back into the yonder years of my LinkedIn existence. Now, I can only see what I’ve done for the past two weeks! Why is this a problem? A few reasons:

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What’s So Great About LinkedIn Endorsements?

From the get go, LinkedIn Endorsements have been a topic of scrutiny. Some people love them, some people hate them. Now that the feature has a few months under its belt, it’s time to see what it’s accomplished. Here’s what LinkedIn has found*:

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LinkedIn Features: Another One Bites The Dust

LinkedIn has been making a lot of changes lately. It has eliminated some features and significantly changed the Profile format. But in the ever-continuing saga of the Great LinkedIn Makeover, it seems as if LinkedIn has done away with one of my favorite functions, the Answers Forum.

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LinkedIn Endorsement Day

LinkedIn dubbed November 27 “LinkedIn Endorsement Day.”

And never one to sit-out on a holiday, I decided to wholeheartedly support the cause. After about 2 hours of tireless Endorsing, I realized that I was merely halfway through my large list of Connections. And I was in desperate need of a snack-break.

Thus, my eyes weary and heart heavy from “selective” Endorsing, I stood up from my chair and proudly proclaimed the holiday, “LinkedIn Endorsement Week.”

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How LinkedIn Can Help You Stay Current

An arsenal of current industry news is an incredible advantage to have. Why? Because having an impressive knowledge base gets you noticed by employers, coworkers, upper management, clients, etc. If you exhibit a genuine effort to keep current in your field, people will recognize your drive and passion.

So how do you keep current?

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Here’s looking at you, kid: LinkedIn’s Profile Viewer Notification

Another thing I love about the LinkedIn Profile Makeover (9/12, not to be confused with the new Makeover rolling out slowly starting 10/12) is the updated notification system. LinkedIn users are now notified when people view their Profile. I love this feature because more often than not, people forget to check who’s been looking at their LinkedIn Profile, which is a big business building or Job Search oversight.

Here’s why:

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Feng Shui For Your LinkedIn Profile

If you don’t like the new LinkedIn Profile setup, I’ve got some good news for you: you can change it (sort of).

One of the new features of LinkedIn that was implemented this year was the ability to

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