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Get Creative with Your LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn is rolling out another new, and very exciting feature – vibrant, visual Status Updates. You can now upload a picture, document, or presentation with your Status Updates! This new visual component of the information you can share on LinkedIn brings in one of the better aspects of Facebook or Pinterest, letting users take advantage…

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Using Your LinkedIn Profile to Make Sales

IMPORTANT REMINDER For Business Owners and Salespeople: don’t forget that your LinkedIn Profile is a great tool for building credibility and selling your services to potential clients.

Remember that when your potential clients ask about your qualifications or ask for references, you can send them to your LinkedIn Profile.

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How to Access Your Recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations are a great way to help you build your brand, network, and reputation. With the implementation of LinkedIn’s new navigation bar, accessing your Recommendations has changed. Follow the new steps below to access your Recommendations:

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8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Powerful Than a Resume

Imagine handing out a copy of your resume to every single person you meet. In theory, it’s a great idea. Potential clients and coworkers would be always aware of your professional accomplishments, volunteer initiatives, work history and education. But no one does this. Why? Because it would be incredibly awkward! Not to mention expensive. That’s…

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Creative Places to Put Your Contact Information on LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the importance of making yourself available on LinkedIn to potential employers or customers. One of those ways to do that is to make sure your contact information is visible.

If your contact info only appears in one place on your LinkedIn Profile, you’re probably missing out on business opportunities because your Linked Profile reviewers have to work to find your Contact Information. Not every LinkedIn user will

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Does LinkedIn Really Work?

I recently realized – and it hurts to admit it – that some of my friends and colleagues are STILL LinkedIn skeptics. Sure, they have a LinkedIn Profile, but they don’t invest any time in it. They think, “I don’t need to build my LinkedIn network or update my Profile because I already have a job!” or “People don’t really get business from LinkedIn, so I don’t need build my LinkedIn Network.”

But I can reassure you and my colleagues and friends that people do get business from LinkedIn. In fact,

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Are You Available? (On LinkedIn)

Do you wish you had a new job? Are you in an active Job Search? Do you want more business or sales?  Do you want to build your network? You may have a well-written LinkedIn Profile, with the right keywords to attract opportunities and connections, but you may be making a mistake on LinkedIn that’s…

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5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Market Their Firms Using LinkedIn

Today’s blog is a guest blog written by my colleague and friend Suzanne Muusers, Financial Advisor Coach: LinkedIn® is a great tool for entrepreneurial financial advisors to gain more exposure and grow their firms by attracting new prospects and clients who are looking for their services.  Yet most advisors do not leverage their LinkedIn account…

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LinkedIn Endorsements: It’s a Love/Hate Thing

I’ve recently written a few posts about LinkedIn Endorsements. As with most new or updated features, LinkedIn Endorsements has caused quite a stir among users.

Some people like them, some people don’t.

Here’s what I’ve heard from both sides:

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A LinkedIn Benefit You May Not Have Considered: The Ability to Research Referrals Before You Give Them

As a Coach, one of the added values that I give to my clients is referrals to other high-quality business professionals and service providers. In addition, one of the ways I support my relationship building efforts with my business network is by providing business referrals.

But I am very careful about the referrals I give because a bad referral could adversely impact my Personal Brand.

I use LinkedIn to give referrals in two ways:

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