Posted on Aug 7, 2013

College-StudentIMPORTANT REMINDER For Business Owners and Salespeople: don’t forget that your LinkedIn Profile is a great tool for building credibility and selling your services to potential clients.

Remember that when your potential clients ask about your qualifications or ask for references, you can send them to your LinkedIn Profile.

If you have created a good profile, it should let your prospects know what you have to offer and what benefits they will receive from hiring you or your company.

For example, my LinkedIn Profile lets potential clients know what differentiates me as a Coach and lets potential Leadership Coaching clients know that if they work with me, one of the things I can help them with is being more influential and powerful as a leader:


My LinkedIn Profile is better than my resume and in some ways better than my website, because it links to the companies I have worked for and contains my Recommendations with links to the people who have written them. I love that potential clients can see a picture of the person who wrote the recommendation right next to the recommendation. This brings my testimonials to life.

In addition, as a potential client reviews my recommendations, they can click on the link to the person who wrote it, so that they can be assured that a quality person gave the recommendation. Often times when a potential client asks to speak to references, they are satisfied with my LinkedIn Recommendations because they can see that the recommendations are real (because they link to the author).

Another important feature of your LinkedIn Profile is that all the information about your professional background is all on one page.

Remember, your LinkedIn Profile is here to help you market or sell your services to your clients in the best and easiest way possible.

How do you use your LinkedIn Profile to sell your services? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Great information Donna. Yes, I view my LinkedIn profile as a second website that works for me 24 hours a day. I use my profile to list programs I sell and to encourage my target clients to contact me. It works!

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